Join Global Resilience Federation at RSA Conference 2019 APJ in Singapore

GRF’s Kunal Sehgal and Cynthia Camacho will be presenting on the value of information sharing, cross-sector intelligence exchange and “trust-sourcing” security support in information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs).

ISACs are communities of trust where members engage each other and centralized analysts in a hub-and-spoke structure. ISACs operate as a cost-effective model for crowdsourcing additional security but among a vetted, trusted group of professionals with a common interest, using common technology and with supporting, independent analysis. Join Kunal and Cynthia at the Marina Bay Sands at 9:30am on 16 July in room Peony 4401:

Kunal Sehgal, Managing Director at GRF APAC
Going Beyond Defence in Depth… Becoming Proactive!
Cyber threats are ever evolving. A typical organization is never short on the number of threats it faces and ends up playing a resource intensive catch-up game that is never ending. How could security operations be realigned to be proactive? How could intelligence be used to forecast and mitigate threats, even before they become a concern to the organization?

Cynthia Camacho, Global VP of Community Development at GRF
Trust-Sourced Intelligence Sharing Against Pervasive Threats
The talk will outline the importance of government/private sector partnerships and how industry and cross-sector intelligence sharing can complement vendor feeds in protecting a company’s security infrastructure by leveraging a hub and spoke design. Also joining in the talk will be a representative from Cylance.

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