Bandura Cyber and Global Resilience Federation Partner to Meet Industry Demand for Automated Defense and Threat Intelligence Integration

Columbia, MD and Reston, VA, USA– April 23, 2019– Bandura Cyber and Global Resilience Federation (GRF) today announced a partnership to integrate automated intelligence feeds and gateway technology for the perimeter defense of GRF affiliated companies.

Bandura Cyber pioneered the Threat Intelligence Gateway (TIG) industry, in part with the U.S. Department of Defense, to operationalize threat indicators and block known threats. GRF provides threat intelligence to thousands of organizations through its member and partner network of Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs), Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations (ISAOs), and computer emergency readiness/response teams (CERTs).

Working together, the two organizations will aid interested GRF members and affiliated companies in implementing a defensive solution that automates and integrates threat data to help fill security coverage gaps and helps alleviate the burden on cybersecurity personnel. By doing so, the solution will support both enterprise operations as well as the operations of small firms, municipal energy utilities, and other organizations that are members of GRF affiliated communities.

Many organizations face challenges effectively implementing new security tools and integrating their many sources of threat data. A lack of automation can increase risk and cause data fatigue. This new partnership will integrate the GRF eXchange cross-industry threat feed and community-specific threat feeds, including Legal Services Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (LS-ISAO), Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE), and others with the Bandura Cyber TIG. This will allow GRF communities to pass threat feeds through Bandura’s defensive gateway to further operationalize the threat intelligence by blocking known threats, improving network protection.

“We are excited to partner with an industry leader like GRF,” said Todd Weller, Chief Strategy Officer of Bandura Cyber. “By joining forces with GRF, we plan to dramatically improve the security posture of organizations worldwide. Our mission has always been to deliver the caliber of threat intelligence, automation, and control needed for companies of all sizes to operationalize threat intelligence to block threats at massive scale.”

Threat intelligence has historically been used in the context of detection and response. Using a Bandura Cyber TIG, companies can put threat intelligence to work in front of the firewall, blocking millions of known threats while freeing up firewall resources and reducing staff workloads.

The Bandura Cyber TIG also extends the usefulness of threat intelligence to more resource-constrained small and mid-sized enterprises that struggle to incorporate this information into their security efforts in an easy and automated way. The Bandura Cyber TIG further leverages existing investments in threat information, reduces staff workload by blocking threats at a higher point, and makes organizations safer through preemptive action.

“GRF is always searching for cybersecurity and threat intelligence solutions that meet the needs of our members, balancing advanced requirements of the largest and the plug-and-play needs of the smallest,” said Bill Nelson, Chairman and CEO of GRF. “We are excited to join Bandura Cyber in a partnership designed to deliver both as we accelerate the adoption and use of automated threat intelligence, like that provided by GRF eXchange, in a way that maximizes its effectiveness through preventative defense.”


Promotion for GRF Members

As part of a special launch promotion, GRF and Bandura Cyber are offering GRF members a promotional, members-only discount.

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Organizations worldwide use Bandura Cyber’s TIG for the automation and control needed to operationalize hundreds of millions of threat indicators, blocking known threats before they even reach the network firewall. Underlying Bandura Cyber’s robust technology are multiple issued and pending patents. To learn more about how Bandura Cyber TIG reduces an organization’s attack surface, operationalizes threat intelligence and helps get more out of existing security investments, visit Sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial at

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About Global Resilience Federation

Global Resilience Federation (GRF) is a non-profit hub and integrator for support, analysis, and multi-industry intelligence exchange among information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs), organizations (ISAOs), and computer emergency readiness/response teams (CERTs).

GRF’s mission is to help assure the resilience of critical and vital infrastructure against threats that could significantly impact the orderly functioning of the global economy and general safety of the public. GRF members include Financial Services ISAC, Retail ISAO, Retail and Hospitality ISAC, Legal Services ISAO, Energy Analytic Security Exchange, Health ISAC and Oil and Natural Gas ISAC. Learn more at, by visiting @GRFederation on Twitter or Global Resilience Federation on LinkedIn.


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