Global Resilience Federation Appoints Fred Hintermister To Lead Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE)

Reston, VA USA – September 24, 2018 – Global Resilience Federation (GRF) announced today that Fred Hintermister has joined the organization as vice president of energy protection. Hintermister is responsible for working closely with members and partners of the Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) to help protect members and the energy sector as a whole against cyber and physical threats and vulnerabilities.

“We are honored to have Fred join us to lead the EASE community,” said Cindy Donaldson, president of GRF, the parent company of EASE. “Fred’s information sharing experience in the energy industry will greatly benefit EASE, an organization that was established by the energy sector. Additionally, his cross-sector sharing perspective will provide added value to EASE members as well as other GRF Member Communities.”

Hintermister joins EASE from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) where he served as the cross-sector manager handling electricity subsector critical infrastructure protection (CIP) and resilience with responsibilities for innovation, collaboration, and industry and government liaison. During that time, Fred was thrice elected as vice chair of the National Council of ISACs and led a working group for the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization Standards Organization.

“The future of global energy resilience is in collaborative security technology and bringing together organizations that effectively reinforce each other,” said Hintermister. “It is exciting to join a superb GRF team that is advancing this network-style defense in the energy industry through cutting-edge tools and strong member relationships at EASE.”

Hintermister previously spearheaded strategy for NERC’s Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), advised on the creation of both the European Energy Information Sharing and Analysis Center (EE-ISAC) and Japan Electricity ISAC, and improved alignment with public sector frameworks in the US, Canada and Mexico. Prior to his time working in information sharing, Fred supported U.S. Navy programs focused on emerging CIP policy, technical assessment, emergency response, energy security, and risk assessment.

“The ability to effectively manage resilience challenges will be a tremendous advantage for enterprises worldwide. EASE offers substantial opportunity to achieve that resilience through a proven analytic platform, automated architecture, and committed member engagement,” added Donaldson. “The addition of Fred to our leadership team will further strengthen the EASE member experience and ensure our technology continues to meet current and future needs in the protection and defense of the energy sector.”


Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) is a private sector non-profit organization that brings together energy companies to collect, analyze and share cyber and physical threat intelligence for mutual defense. EASE works with members to analyze and mitigate risks in ways that complement companies’ own efforts; from tracking systems vulnerabilities to providing in-depth reporting, EASE works to enrich security product. At its most tactical, EASE analysts evaluate and disseminate signatures and indicators. At a strategic level, EASE provides reports to CSOs and CISOs while sharing cross-sector intelligence in a multi-industry defensive network of more than 7,000 organizations. Intelligence is also drawn from other ISACs and ISAOs, CERTs, government partners, and private vendors that monitor the Dark Web and geopolitical events, among other issue areas. Learn more on the EASE website or by visiting @EnergyASE on Twitter and Energy Analytic Security Exchange on LinkedIn.

Global Resilience Federation (GRF) is a non-profit hub for support, analysis, and multi-industry intelligence exchange between ISACs and ISAOs, which facilitate cyber and physical intelligence sharing for specific sectors. GRF’s mission is to help assure the resilience of critical and vital infrastructure against threats that could significantly impact the orderly functioning of the global economy and general safety of the public. GRF members include Financial Services ISAC, Legal Services ISAO, and Energy Analytic Security Exchange, among others. GRF is also engaged with CERTs and other bodies around the world that seek to protect certain regions and industries. Formerly the Sector Services division of FS-ISAC, GRF was created as a standalone non-profit organization in May 2017. Learn more at or by visiting @GRFederation on Twitter or Global Resilience Federation on LinkedIn.

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