Global Resilience Federation Adopts Anomali Platform to Streamline Analysis and Cross-Sector Sharing

RESTON, VA – December 6, 2017- Global Resilience Federation (GRF) has partnered with Anomali to provide a threat intelligence platform for GRF analysts as they evaluate and coordinate information exchange among more than 7,000 members worldwide.

GRF analysts supporting Legal Services Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (LS-ISAO), Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE), and other member communities will now be able to leverage Anomali’s ThreatStream platform to further automate intelligence exchange and provide enriched analysis with highly actionable and consumable threat intelligence. Access to the Anomali ThreatStream intelligence platform will also be available to individual organizations belonging to LS-ISAO and EASE who wish to improve their information sharing capability and strengthen engagement with their community analysts and intelligence products.

“Our partnership with Anomali provides additional capabilities for GRF analysts supporting LS-ISAO and EASE to use from one platform. While each community’s data will be isolated, using a common system will increase the speed, accuracy and operational flexibility of analysts supporting the ISAO and ISAC, and of member companies’ own security teams,” said Cindy Donaldson, president of GRF. “This will also improve our existing cross-sector sharing capabilities to defend against persistent, pervasive, and dangerous threats to our members.”

The standardization of the Anomali tool across GRF and among participating member organizations will increase the efficiency of cross-sector exchange and allow greater scalability of trend analysis and attribution work. Additionally, the platform allows for formatted threat bulletins, sandbox functionality, and threat modeling and chaining of actors, campaigns and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). The platform is STIX/TAXII enabled and can work in conjunction with members and communities that may have existing threat intelligence platforms but wish to integrate with GRF’s instance of the Anomali tool.

“We are excited to provide this new functionality for our members,” Donaldson said. “Working together in a more streamlined manner will make it more difficult for threat actors to impact GRF members.”


Global Resilience Federation (GRF) is a non-profit hub for support, analysis, and multi-industry intelligence exchange between ISACs and ISAOs, each of which facilitates cyber and physical intelligence sharing for a specific industry. GRF’s mission is to help assure the resilience of critical and vital infrastructure against threats that could significantly impact the orderly functioning of the global economy. GRF members include Financial Services ISAC, Legal Services ISAO, and Energy Analytic Security Exchange, among others. GRF is also engaged with CERTs and other bodies around the world that seek to protect certain regions and industries. Formerly the Sector Services division of FS-ISAC, GRF was created as a standalone non-profit organization in May 2017. Learn more at or by visiting @GRFederation on Twitter. Inquiries may be directed to Patrick McGlone at

Chad McAuslin