Energy Analytic Security Exchange Expands Intelligence Team

Reston, VA – June 19, 2017– Energy Analytic Security Exchange (EASE) has expanded its intelligence team with the hiring of a senior cyber and physical security analyst, providing additional threat intelligence analysis and services for the utilities industry.

Ken Towne, who began with EASE in June, comes to the organization with cybersecurity experience in commercial power, utilities and critical infrastructure, as well as from multiple government agencies. Ken also served in the United States Marine Corps as an all source fusion intelligence analyst, specializing in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) collections and targeting.

The EASE organization welcomes his expertise, which will be invaluable in the investigation of threats to the industry and the protection of members’ infrastructure. Ken’s knowledge of control systems security and the day-to-day operations of the sector will complement members’ internal security efforts, even as the EASE team leverages visibility across member companies to defend the industry as a whole.

As a non-profit hub of information sharing and analysis among utilities and grid related companies, EASE allows members to exchange intelligence on risks including those posed by malware, trojans, business email compromise and other digital and physical concerns. EASE analysts work with members’ security teams to uncover, mitigate, and prevent incidents to IT systems, industrial control systems like SCADA, and other technology vital to continued operations. Physical and geopolitical security are also crucial concerns for EASE analysts when working with critical infrastructure companies managing such a large number and range of assets across the U.S. and Canada.

EASE members and analysts are actively sharing and receiving cyber and physical security information including:

*Percentages based on EASE threat data through June 15, 2017

*Percentages based on EASE threat data through June 15, 2017

EASE member benefits include:

  • Alerts and advisories on cyber and physical threats specific to the utilities industry

  • Dark web detection

  • Cross-industry threat sharing

  • Systems vulnerability alerts

  • Dedicated security analysts

  • An emergency notification system

  • Communications platforms

  • Member committees, user groups, and surveys

  • Media communications support

  • Regular events and workshops


About EASE

Intelligence sharing communities are recognized as one of the best defenses against cyber threats. And organizations are no longer alone in this hostile environment – EASE members are “trust-sourcing” threat indicators for analysts to research, scrub and anonymize, yielding actionable intelligence for dissemination in real and near real-time. EASE provides intelligence and information sharing services to utilities companies and organizations related to the electric grid. For more information or to apply for membership, please contact Cynthia Camacho,

EASE is a member of Global Resilience Federation, a network of ISACs and ISAOs sharing threat intelligence among 7,000 members around the world. GRF members include FS-ISAC, LS-ISAO and other communities. Learn more at

Chad McAuslin