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Security information sharing communities, like ISACs, ISAOs and CERTs, are an increasingly important risk mitigation tool in the protection of industry.
These member-driven organizations offer an efficient and secure way for companies and communities to access and exchange real-time cyber and physical threat information. GRF creates these communities, and connects them and existing communities in an overlapped defense against malicious actors.
GRF knows the challenges of developing an effective sharing community. GRF staff have the experience, technology, and partnerships to help expand security footprints by broadening sources of intelligence, while advancing cross-sector sharing across a network of like-minded communities.



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GRF leverages the experience and infrastructure of 18 years of ISAC/ISAO operation.

GRF staff have created, managed or developed seven communities in the last four years, sharing more than 5,000 intelligence reports among communities in 2016 alone.

GRF can expand your access to threat feeds and intelligence, strengthen member-to-member sharing, provide dedicated industry analysis, offer cross-sector sharing, and give you the opportunity to join a governing board that will guide the future of information sharing.

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GRF knows the challenges faced by sharing communities. GRF has the experience, the resources, the contacts, and the mechanisms in place to make community creation or cross-sector collaboration significantly easier.

Find out how to apply GRF capabilities to your sector’s unique needs.
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