Legal Services Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (LS-ISAO)

Sharing communities are recognized as one of the best defenses against cyber threats and attacks. Firms are no longer alone in this hostile environment – members are ‘trust-sourcing’ threat indicators for analysts to research, scrub and anonymize, yielding actionable intelligence for dissemination in real and near-real time. LS-ISAO provides these intelligence and information sharing services to law firms.  

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Benefits of Joining LS-ISAO


Core Tier

(<$50M Revenue) Includes Subset of Reports

Standard Tier

Includes All Levels of Reports

Access to Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) and Related Intelligence Products checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Sources include: trusted government partners, affiliated vendors, LS-ISAO community members, cross-sector partners, other ISACs/ISAOs, and open source analysis and research.
Ability to Submit Cyber or Physical Threat Information: Anonymously or with Attribution checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Submissions taken via email or phone (Standard Tier can send via portal). Submissions are analyzed and shared as Cyber Incident (CYI), Cyber Threat (CYT), Collective Intelligence (COI) and/or Request for Information (RFI) regarding threats or industry specific information.
LS-ISAO Specific Alerts checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Intelligence products specifically derived through special agreements with Trusted Partners to provide sensitive reporting on alerts relevant to legal services. Sources include: government partners, international partners, and other intelligence producing organizations.
LS-ISAO Specific Vulnerability Reports and Analysis checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Community vulnerability reports on threats and possible exploits to critical systems identified as important by community members.
Cross-Sector Sharing with other affiliated ISACs/ISAOs checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Cyber and physical threat alerts and notifications from cross-industry partners, through established lines of communication that abide by approved procedures and community agreements.
Cross-Sector Weekly IOC Report checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Report circulated in spreadsheet format for easy upload to SIEM appliance.
Daily Headlines checkmark-0002.png checkmark-0002.png Daily digest of open source news on cyber threats and vulnerabilities, for increased awareness.
Critical Information Notification System (CINS)   checkmark-0002.png The LS-ISAO Critical Information Notifications System contacts members during incidents which could have significant impact on the legal community. Includes notifications via text, phone, and email.
Participation in LS-ISAO Community Listserv   checkmark-0002.png Participation in the LS-ISAO listserv allows users to share and collaborate, with attribution, on topics of interest to the membership.
Access to the LS-ISAO Exclusive Portal   checkmark-0002.png The LS-ISAO portal provides a platform for sharing cyber and physical threat intelligence, in real-time. Intelligence that members share and receive includes actionable threat information, vulnerabilities, and advisories from community members, cross-sector partners, affiliated vendors, and government partners.
Customizable LS-ISAO Portal Notification Profile   checkmark-0002.png The LS-ISAO portal allows members to tailor their experience, letting them manage how they send or receive alerts and notifications. Roles can be assigned based on needs or organizational requirements.
LS-ISAO Community-Only Chat Function   checkmark-0002.png The portal chat allows private discussion with other community members or groups on best practices, challenges, or issues of concern.
LS-ISAO Community-Only Document Repository   checkmark-0002.png Within the portal, members can access a repository which includes best practices, security reports, surveys, meeting minutes, and community guidelines and agreements.
Access to LS-ISAO Member Directory   checkmark-0002.png Members can access the LS-ISAO Member Directory to reach out to hundreds of peers for assistance, or to exchange threat information and mitigation techniques.
Ability to Survey the Entire LS-ISAO Community   checkmark-0002.png Ability to submit surveys to other community members on a wide range of topics to support your company's security programs. Results are typically presented at the Monthly Membership Call and sent to every member within the community.
Ability to Send/Receive Requests For Information (RFIs) within the LS-ISAO Community and Trusted Partners   checkmark-0002.png RFIs allow members to leverage help and advice from a broader community, including other industry sectors which face similar threats to their businesses. RFIs allow access to a wider range of information to support protection and mitigation.
Access to LS-ISAO Member Meetings, Events, and Networking Opportunities   checkmark-0002.png Available to Standard Tier members and scheduled throughout the year.  Core Tier may attend for a fee.  Events include training, workshops, and networking gatherings.
Participation in LS-ISAO Member Committees   checkmark-0002.png Member Committees and Working Groups are member driven efforts to improve the community's security posture and enhance capabilities by coordinating response and proposing policies and best practices.