Build with GRF

Creating an ISAC/ISAO can have its challenges—from attracting members and finding new sources of information to use in creating intelligence, to developing sound sharing practices and understanding the legal requirements for this type of organization.

GRF staff have built highly trusted information sharing communities in the financial services, legal services, energy, and utilities industries.  By leveraging that extensive experience and those lessons learned, GRF is able to replicate a successful model and greatly reduce the challenges faced by new or growing communities.

Once your community has been developed, it will receive intelligence products from government, private vendors, members, and cross-sector reports from affiliated GRF communities. 

We support organizations with:

  • Organizing your ISAC/ISAO
  • Establishing trust, processes, and standards
  • Sustaining a well-managed, fully funded, long-term organization
  • Attracting new members for more sharing
  • Providing intelligence from your, and other relevant sectors