2018 Summit Agenda

Wednesday Oct. 24: Kickoff & Reception
Thursday Oct. 25: Sessions & Reception
Friday Oct. 26: Sessions & Close

The Summit Committee is hard at work developing the 2018 Agenda. Please check back for updates.

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Keynote Speaker: Sandra Grimes

Sandy Grimes is a 26-year retired officer of CIA's Directorate of Operations, who spent most of her career working against the former Soviet Union supporting CIA's most valuable cases - penetrations of the KGB and GRU. She joined CIA in July 1967 shortly after graduating from the University of Washington, Seattle with a BA in Russian. In 1991 she participated in the hunt for a Soviet spy in CIA and the identification of that individual as Aldrich Ames, one of the most destructive traitors in American history. She is co-author of the book "Circle of Treason", which details that search. It was also the basis for the ABC News mini-series "The Assets" aired in 2014.

The daughter of parents who worked on the Manhattan Project, Sandy spent her formative years in Denver, Colorado, where she substituted a course in Russian for the dreaded junior year of physics that set the direction of her personal and professional life. A mother of two daughters and grandmother of four, she and her husband of 49-years live in Virginia.